The Cost of Everything… The Value of Nothing

Last week, I contacted a company that sources cars for contract lease/hire to see what deals he might offer for my daughter who had recently passed her driving test. He phoned me to suggest he could help, but there would be a £100 up-front fee to carry out his research, to ensure the enquiries he gets are serious.

Why ‘GETTING INK’ is still the Content King

In these heady days of digital and social media, it is still refreshing that traditional media routes of PR engagement are considered to be proof of success. By that, I mean that ‘Getting Ink’ as American PR folk lovingly call it – seeing client stories in print – regardless if its national media, local media, or trade media – continues to have much validity among today’s digital landscape.

How PR helps the green sector find a voice

Here is a recently-published article written by Acumen Director, Kevin Dorrian for the IPRA – International Public Relations Association – on how ‘The ‘Green’ lobby can gain a lot of help from the Public Relations industry.