A PR Agency & Consulting Company Based In Edinburgh, UK.

As an Edinburgh headquartered PR agency we’ve been changing perceptions, enhancing reputations, and generally keeping our clients at the forefront of their respective industries, since we first opened our doors back in 2002. Whilst we are based in Edinburgh, we work with clients throughout Scotland , across the rest of the UK and internationally.

Acumen ranks as one of Edinburgh and Scotland’s top mid-tier PR Consultancy Companies with a formidable track record and an uncanny knack of getting our clients positioned where they need to be seen.

As a PR agency with extensive practice, we have never shied away from big challenges. Indeed, bringing our expertise as a consulting company to many high-profile organisations has challenged us to not only keep up with client demand, but do so with a bespoke and highly unique level of service.

Through our many years of experience, we have proven that we can bring a level of service to high pressure environments which other PR agencies and companies would fail to do so. Moreover, we’ve had the satisfaction of seeing our clients chosen for significant contract wins, winning awards, securing funding and being able to open up new markets and sales channels through our PR campaigns on their behalf. After all, we’re only doing our job. Acumen goes beyond expectations and our clients reap the benefits.

In order to see our clients unlock their full potential, Acumen PR is an agency that strives to deliver a consistent flow of qualitative media coverage that not only informs but also educates. By complementing your brand with positive news that helps your specific target audience become engaged, we hope that as a PR consulting company, we can give your organisation a push in the right direction.

As a recognised PR agency in Edinburgh, Scotland and throughout the UK we believe our success comes down to our passion for what we do in addition to our many years of experience. Unlike some intrusive and costly advertising methods, we at Acumen PR are an agency that helps organisations to benefit from the attention they deserve through a means that is not invasive and provides the highest level of value possible.

You won’t find any clients passed down the ‘food chain’ to junior staff either. We’ve heard this complaint so many times – Director or Senior Partner goes into a client, wins the work, and allows a junior member of staff to ‘learn on the job’! It will never happen at Acumen.

Director level engagement is our ‘mantra’ at all times.

Edinburgh-based PR Consultancy Acumen is an experienced and highly regarded national and international PR consultancy. We bring fresh and innovative ideas to communicate your business to your target markets.

Acumen works across the digital, print, and broadcast media throughout the UK and internationally. Acumen will help you identify where you need to be seen.

Having spent a working lifetime in the media, we’ve built a strong reputation as one of Scotland’s premier media training companies.

Half-day or full day courses designed around your requirements enabling you to become an engaging presenter capable of making a powerful impact every time you rise to your feet in front of an audience.

Half-day Social Media Training Course – designed to maximise your reach penetration and your profits. Find out how social media can transform your business.

Be prepared to deal with unexpected situations which, if not handled correctly, can cause major damage to the reputation of your organisation. We ensure you have the necessary training to manage the crisis.

Providing strategic public relations support to the financial services industry has been one of the key strengths of Acumen. From there, Acumen has bridged seamlessly across to provide support to the FinTech eco-system

From early-stage start-ups seeking seed investment, through to established high-growth businesses looking to catapult into the world of Venture Capital, Series A/B investment and beyond, Acumen is here to help.

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