Crisis & Reputation Management.

A crisis can happen at any time. Acumen ensures you are prepared to deal with unexpected situations which, if not handled correctly, can cause major damage to the reputation of your organisation.

Acumen has handled many challenging situations, from factory closures, downsizing and demonstrations, to covert consumer testing, environmental hazards and death in the workplace.

You don’t always know when these situations will arise, so it’s better to ensure you have the necessary training to manage the crisis.

Thirty years of experience brings an exceptional understanding of your PR and media requirements, and with it, an unrivalled wealth of contacts and excellent relationships with digital, print and broadcast journalists and across the entire media spectrum,

Whether our PR work has helped position a FTSE 100 company to be more attractive to analysts or shareholders, or nurtured the birth of the smallest university start-up, we put our all into maximising the return on investment by creating the ‘buzz’ that gets you noticed and talked about, regardless of industry sector.