Media Training

Having spent a working lifetime in the media, we’ve built a strong reputation as one of Scotland’s premier media training companies. Our specialist media training arm, Scottish Media Training, is on hand to train anyone expecting to be part of the news agenda in the press, on radio or on television. Add to this the myriad of online digital media platforms, social media sites where the news agenda never stops, then it pays to have your top team trained to meet the demand of a news-hungry media.


Always Remember

  • Reputations built over many years can be lost in a few seconds from an ill-thought comment or throwaway line.
  • Good Media Training in Edinburgh teaches you how to avoid such mistakes, conduct a successful interview, deliver key messages and provide a balanced presentation of the facts in the face of negative criticism.
  • Planning, preparation and presentation are the building blocks for Edinburgh based Acumen’s media training programmes, designed to help you successfully engage with the media.