Acumen has been advising law firm Balfour + Manson for a number of years, working as the external arm of its marketing communications team. The firm, which was founded in Edinburgh when Queen Victoria was on the throne, is one of Scotland’s most respected and high-profile law firms and we’ve played a defining role in helping to give the firm a voice across a wide spectrum of media.
Leading the firm is Elaine Motion , one of Scotland’s most prominent lawyers who advised the cohort of MPs and MSPs led by Joanna Cherry MP which challenged the UK Government’s attempt to prorogue Parliament at the time when the Brexit debate was reaching fever pitch.
Other high-profile cases includes representing the family of the train driver who died in the Stonehaven Rail Tragedy in 2019 …. and even the plight of tea pickers in Kenya!
More widely, the firm continues to advise on areas such as litigation, employment law, personal injury, etc. and it is our job to ensure we are their ‘eyes and ears’, working to maintain the firm’s exceptionally high media profile across Scotland and the rest of the UK.
Here’s a snapshot of some of our work…


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